Crane Hawks in South Trinidad (last seen 2010.04.11)

Here is a listing of Crane Hawk (Geranospiza caerulescens) sightings in south Trinidad. I have been seeing Crane Hawks somewhat frequently here (despite being a new arrival to Trinidad) and while it may just be a reflection of the amount of time I spend in south Trinidad, it might hint towards population expansion as well. You can view the sightings on EBird.

  • 2010 April 11th: Barrackpore, Rochard Douglas Rd. – 1 bird
  • 2009 Nov 15th: Barrackpore, Papourie Rec. Ground – 1 bird
  • 2009 July 19th: Fullerton Swamp, Icacos – 1 bird
  • 2009 June 30th: Picton, Barrackpore – 1 bird
  • 2009 June 19th: Barrackpore market – 1 bird
  • 2009 April 18th: Picton, Barrackpore – 1 bird
  • 2009 Mar 14th: Sudama Steps, Woodland – 1 bird
  • 2009 Jan 28th: Barrackpore – 1 bird
  • 2008 Oct 27th: Clarke Road, Penal – 1 bird
  • 2008 Oct 26th: Syne Village, Penal – 1 bird
  • 2008 Sep 21st: Icacos – 1 bird
  • 2008 May 31st: Rousillac – 1 bird
  • 2008 Mar 21st: Clarke Road, Penal – 1 bird
  • 2008 Jan 21st: Clarke Road, Penal – 1 bird
  • 2007 Dec 19th: Clarke Road, Penal – 1 bird
  • 2007 Sept 12th: 3 birds in Barrackpore oilfield road – 3 birds


AT Hawk Crane


#1 Roland on 04.12.10 at 11:01 pm

What do the juveniles look like because i have two young hawk i rescued from a fallen tree, and i am trying to identify the species.


#2 KrisSookdeo(Admin) on 04.13.10 at 5:57 pm

It would really depend on how old the birds are. If they were still confined to the nest it might be difficult as young birds may not have any distinguishing features. Crane hawks have long legs so that might be a good place to start. Older birds have white streaking. It would really help if you can send me a picture.

#3 brian aufderheide on 04.13.10 at 7:24 pm

Great site! Been living in San Fernando and was wondering what this hawk was that we have seen 7-10 times! I have also seen it (once) in Couva outside UTT. Really hard to mistake it for anything else with the white crescent bands in the underwing…

#4 Nigel Campbell on 09.13.11 at 2:59 pm

I hope that the articles pertaining to this hawk are update to include Trinidad as being part of the range/distribution of this race of hawk

#5 vineeta on 02.24.13 at 4:12 pm

i saw a hawk in my area flying in freeport trinidad it was so cooooool

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